Anna Sienicka is a Registered Homeopath, author, lecturer, the founder of Toronto's Wholistic Care Centre and a Health Coach with expertise in Women's Health. Anna's private consultations include nutrition, physical body training, mind-body connection, and one on one VIP coaching sessions.

Spark Skin Support, Anna's leading edge skin care line, is made with all natural ingredients, because 60% of what you put on our skin goes directly into your system. These unique skin products are now available online and at Wholistic Care Centers.

Anna also offers Public School lessons in wild and edible local plants, sustainability and biodiversity based on her children's book entitled "Seeds and Weeds". She is also an avid mushroom gatherer and is considered an expert on rare and medicinal mushrooms of Northern Canada and Europe.

Incorporating nature's elements into her practice induces healing responses in clients, and by integrating conventional and holistic medicine, Anna aims to create Holistic Clinics in medical buildings all across GTA and the rest of Canada.

In summer 2015, Anna cycled across Canada. This was her personal dream and she hopes to awake others to go for their dreams.

Anna is inspiring to many alternative medicine practitioners since she has managed to become successful (and everyday she is acquiring new opportunities) in an industry that is incredibly hard to break through. Please see Anna's social media networks for more info on some of her accomplishments thus far.


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